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A Guide on How to Mix and Match Your Rugs

What are the different styles of rugs? 

Rugs have been around for years, used as a decorative piece or for utilitarian purposes. With the length of time that has come and gone, these rugs which are also a product of the different art and fashion movements, have seen various changes in appearance. There are a lot of different styles of rugs ranging from the traditional, mid-century, modern, bohemian, and the like. These rugs are also made of different kinds of materials such as wool, silk, cotton, jute, bamboo, leather, hide, sheepskin, faux fur, faux hide, among others. To know more about the different kinds and styles of rugs available in the market, consult with King Rug on their latest offerings.  

Can you mix and match rugs?

Yes, you absolutely can! There is no hard or fast rule in choosing which style of rug is perfect for your home. Just because you choose to have a more modern style of home, does not mean that you should just stick to one particular style all thorough out your house. It all depends upon your personal preference. Rugs can range in function, size, texture, and material. Have a bit of fun and play around with patterns and color! Try matching a bold geometric shape with a more subtle, but textured material. The possibilities are endless! Let the experts at King Rug guide you on how to mix and match your rugs for a more sophisticated look for your home. Contact them through the details mentioned in their website for more information. 

How do you coordinate the different types of rugs to match the style of your home? 

There are a couple of things that you need to remember when mixing and matching different styles of rugs for your home to achieve a cohesive over-all look. First, take into consideration the color scheme that you are going for. You want your rugs to work together with the color of your home, not to go against it. Color can also segment the different areas of your home better. You may opt to go for one bold color choice of rug, while keeping the rest more neutral. In choosing colors, you can also take into consideration the brightness of the colors and how well it would contrast with each other. Make sure that they are well-balanced, and that they do not clash with each other. In mixing and matching rugs, you should also take a look at the size of each rug, as well as the pattern in the design. When mixing different styles, group them together and find a common denominator between them so you can arrive at a well-coordinated look. For any questions regarding what kind of rug is best for your home, you may inquire at King Rug to know more. 

What is the trend today in mixing and matching rugs?

In mixing and matching rugs, there are a number of points that you can take note of when decorating your living space. An easy way to mix and match rugs is to first, use the same style of rug. By using the same style of rug in the room, it creates the illusion of space while letting the other furnishings in your room shine. Another technique is to mix and match natural fibers and materials together. An interesting pattern such as cowhide, can work well with a natural fiber rug. Layering is also a trend when it comes to mixing and matching rugs. By adding a different type of style of rug on top of another, it adds more dimension to a room. When layering, make sure that there is still a point of cohesiveness to the look such as a similar element between the two. For more information on how to mix and match your rugs, inquire with King Rug!   

Where can you go for quality rugs? 

Rugs are used not just used for decorative purposes. There are rugs out in the market that that are sought for their practical value. Be it to add a bit of life to your living space, or to protect your floors from scratches and natural wear and tear, you will need to go to trusted brand that can provide you with quality products and services. At King Rug, they offer various styles, shapes, sizes, and textures of quality rugs that would go perfectly with any style of your home. Undecided on what kind of rug you need? Let the experts at the King Rug guide you in choosing the best style for your space. To know more about the products and services that they offer, visit the King Rug website for more information. You may also contact them through the contact details listed in the website to learn more. Choose King Rug for the best quality rugs!