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Top 10 Styles of Rugs for Your Home

Area rugs bring the added oomph you need in one’s home. By playing with different colors, textures, and materials, area rugs can add a homey feel to your living space. With a vast array of choices to choose from, here are some of the different styles that you can mix, match, and layer on depending on your personal style.  



If you consider yourself to be a free-spirited and creative person, then a bohemian rug is the perfect style of rug for you. The bohemian style embraces a fun and relaxed feeling, one who is not afraid to experiment with different colors and patterns! The possibilities are endless when going for a bohemian-inspired look. For a more cohesive look, pair earth tones with a pop of color for an accent color. If you need a clear visual on what bohemian rugs can go well with your space, head over to the King Rug website to know more. 


A contemporary rug style can be described as contrasting in its over-all look. Comparing it to modern day art, a contemporary style rug leans more towards abstract patterns, free form, or geometric shapes. You can amp up your space’s look by choosing a bold pattern, or make your room look a little bit more understated with a more subdued color choice. King Rug offers various rug styles, you are sure to find one to your liking! Check out their website for more information.    



Mid-century style is any design that came out during the mid-twentieth century. This style is particularly characterized by designs that have been manufactured by the Bauhaus and International movements. The mid-century style utilized color to create an additional layer of interest to one’s space. It also made use of geometric shapes such as circles, ovals, rectangles, and the like. However, this pattern leaned more towards using larger repetitive shapes, giving the style a more minimalistic feel. Interested in this trend? Let King Rug help you choose a rug of your particular interest. 


Modern rugs, compared to the more traditional type of rugs, are made for practical use rather than for a more decorative purpose. The rugs come in a wide array of colors, patterns, shapes, and size. They can either be made of natural fibers, as well as synthetic material. Modern rugs are chosen more for their durability and easy maintenance. Depending on the material used, some modern rugs do not shed easily, can be dry cleaned, and is water repellant. To know more about this type of rug, visit King Rug’s website. 


A Moroccan style rug, as the name suggests, comes from Morocco. These rugs are traditionally hand-woven by the indigenous people, and are made for a purpose rather than for display. The patterns and colors in each rug vary due to it being hand-made, with each tribe’s stories and symbols embedded in each design. As for the size, they can range between three to ten meters long, and five to seven feet wide. Thickness of each rug also varies, depending on which region of the country the particular rug was made. If you want to know more about different rug styles, you may consult with the experts at King Rug.  


The shag rug is distinct in its features. At first glance, you can tell that it is a shag rug with its uneven cuts of fiber. A trend back in the 70s and 80s, shag rugs are still a classic piece that you can use to add life to your living space. Shag rugs come in a variety of materials such as flokati, leather, wool, and synthetic. Check out King Rug to find out which kind of shag rug is perfect for your home. 


The Southwest style is perfect for a rustic style home, although you may also incorporate this rug style in different types of living spaces. Earth tones, handcrafted materials, and a more rugged type of look is what gives the Southwestern rug style its distinctive appeal. King Rug can help you look for the best Southwest style rug for your home. Visit their website and start browsing for the perfect rug for your home. 


Traditional rugs lean towards more a certain period look. These can either be European, Oriental, Persian, or Victorian. You would know that a rug is traditional due to its more distinctive ornate colors and patterns. These kinds of rugs give a more opulent and luxurious feel to one’s home. Let King Rug find the perfect traditional rug for your home. Contact them to get started. 


Transitional rugs are the perfect blend of the modern and traditional style. It incorporates elements of the modern style such as the use of bold color choices, and that of the more traditional style such as a distinct pattern that one may recognize in traditional styles. King Rug offers an array of rugs that you can pique your interest. Check their website for their latest offerings. 


A vintage rug gives an appearance that the rug has been lived on. Also known as the distressed vintage rug, this trend is described as having a textile that looks faded, worn out, and gives a softer appearance. This type of rug usually uses Oriental and Turkish rugs which are then distressed or overdyed to achieve a vintage appearance. With King Rug’s various rug offerings, you will be able to find the rug style of your dreams. Visit their website, today!